It will be possible to stable purchase products with high quality once you outsource your production

process or order parts of products to us.


The reasons why possible it is


No.1 An experienced designer and developer for products

We have been developing a lot of variety products such as terminals for power code, TV,

vacuum cleaner, battery so on, heat sink plate for HDD, harness for electrical motorcycle,

and solar products which are connector, extension cable, junction box, combiner box for

residence, electrical generator industry and automobile industry.

We stock a lot of knowledge by experienced as much as we developed products.

And we put these into internal review process at each step of development

and make sure that products are satisfied from customer requirements by FMEA

for prevent non-conforming products.


No.2 Die design and development by ourselves

Die engineer department design and develop a metal stamping press die.

The quality of the die will be made by its the quality of design and development.

We can make sure that the die will completely meet customers requirement of specification

by our design and development.


No.3 Improved stamping technology day by day

We stamp metal parts such as terminals for power code, heat sink for HDD and

some kind of multiple parts by high-speed progressive stamping press

Currently, We have been challenging to acquire new skills which are a fine blanking and a drawing compound.

Die engineer department is willing to lead these activities and make an effort for more improvement.

We hope you will be looking forward to our progressive stamping skill!


No.4 To prevent failure in production line by adding “Pokayoke”fanction

Our Factory Automation department design, develop and manufacture a variety of automatic

Machines, measuring machine and jigs for mass production line.

We provide these to internal production line and to customers for many years.

Therefore, the products are trusted by customers as its high-technology and reliable quality.

We make sure that the machine could be prevented a product failure in production line

by internal design review processes such as FMEA method and expecting possible failure

in advance and adding “Pokayoke”fanction if necessary.