It will be possible to reducing the current production costs once you outsource your Production processes to us.


But, Why are we able to solve it by?

Here it is!For reasons as follow.


The reasons why possible it is

No.1  Low labor cost

Our Lao factory is in industrial park in Savannakhet prefecture and

here in Lao, the minimum wage is 1.1 million kip(approx. 120USD). ※ As of June 2020

1.6 million kip(approx. 80USD). ※ As of January 2024


This is one third than Thailand’s.

It is not only low labor cost, there is no big trouble to manage on personnel and not a lot of

costs to spend since Laotian are very honest and faithful.

In recent years, The labor cost has been increasing in each Asian countries,

In that situation, It might be difficult to reduce the cost reduction for the production.

However, we can reduce the total cost even if the transportation expense would be a little higher

than current one if once you could order us.

Please feel free contact us for the quotation !


No.2 To design and develop dies by ourselves

Our die engineer department design and develop metallic dies and injection molds.

As you know, The cost for design and development is occupied a lot in the total cost,

So we could reduce the cost by designing it internally.

Besides, for producing the dies, we have a lot of partners globally, especially in china as well.

We do let them to make the quotations and select the best price for you.

That is reason why it’s possible to reduce the cost.

By the way, We also can provide the parts and tools of the die as well.

Please feel free contact us for it!


No.3  To design and develop an automation machine, a inspection machine and tools by ourselves

Our FA department design and develop an automation machine, a inspection machine and tools.

These machines we made are using by production lines in our global factories, and

These are provided to customers as reliable products as well.


When new production line build up, It would takes a lot of expense as an initial cost to buy some new machines.

However, if you count on us, we could discuss and adjust on the costs and specifications

as fit as we can by customizing.


No.4 Global supply chain

We have factories and offices in Japan, China, Hongkong, Lao and Thailand.

Especially for China factory which has been operating for over 20years and built a local

Supply chain competitively.

Obviously, We can provide you about single parts of products such as cable, metal stamping parts

and injection molding parts so on.

Please feel free to contact us for the products and the parts!


No.5 Low electric charge

Here in Laos, The electric charge is approx. 0.08USD/kwh.

This is about 60% of Thailand’s.

Although in Laos is known for the low labor cost, but a hydroelectric power generation develop

a lot actually, and also they export the electric that generated to neighbor countries.

That way, We can save the cost.

As of now, we also can lend the production space or land for your production line! ⇒See more info