Resent years, The world economic situation goes be unsteady and it is so difficult to predict on what will happened to the next.

Are there some problems or what your company must solve against as below example situations ?

  • No.1 The production cost also had not been suitable, since the labor cost got higher.
  • No.2 The production cost also had not been suitable, since the labor cost got higher.
  • No.3 Can not get workers whenever you want, since surrounding companies are fighting over about recruitment.
  • No.4 The country where your factory in has a serious country risks. ( Can not make a BCP plan)
  • No.5 The products quality is not stable due to supplier has lack of technical skill and quality control.
  •  No.6 The lead time of products oversea is not stable or taking a long time.


We are able to solve these problems!

Solution 1   Production cost reduction 

Lao-labor cost is one third than Thailand’s.

Therefore, We are able to provide you the best price as the competitive cost and the advantage.

And the rising rate of minimum wage is also quite  slow.

As of now ( June 2020), The minimum wage of Lao is 1.1 million kip ( 1 kip=approx. 0.0012 yen)  

As of  January 2024,  the minimum wage of  Lao is 1.6 million kip (1 kip = approx. 0.0007yen) .

Since the current kip rate is weak, therefore, after calculated wage by yen or USD can be lower than before,

however,  most of the local campanies have been paying the wage before weak in order to protect employees.


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Solution 2   Stable supply products with high quality products

We provide stable products by having a high technology and available quality management system!

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Solution 3   Retain workers 

Here in Laos, the number of population is not much as approx. 6.9million people.

However, It is expected that is going to increase since the population occupied by around 20’s.

Besides, since the industry is not growing up enough, there is no competition about human

resource, therefore, It will be easy to retain workers at least hundred as of now.

additional, Industrial park association has a guideline which workers are prohibited to move

other company within a certain period of time and must be followed it.

Solution 4   Good relationship with neighbor contories

It is impossible to take a trade risk against other countries,

since Laos has been building a good relationship with neighbor countries.


Solution 5   Flexible lead time

We can correspond on transportation lead time for products with flexible and speedy.

We can reduce the lead time by better proposal.

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Solution 6   Rental factory

We can also rent production space or land for you.

If you are considering on it, Please feel free contact us !

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If you are considering to outsource your production process as OEM, ODM or others,

We are able to support you with valuable services.

Please feel free to contact us and let us know your concerns any time!